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  • Neha Dicholkar

Bharatanatyam and the little me :)

Updated: May 12, 2020

I started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of 6. I don’t remember my first dance class, what I do remember are the many beautiful memories that going to class gave me. My Papa's office was above Bal Bhavan in Vasco, Goa. Everyday once I returned from school and had my lunch, my papa would take me to Bal Bhavan. Among the many classes I took at Balbhavan - Hindustani Singing, Bharathanatyam, Kathak, Harmonium, Folk dances, Drawing, Craft work, my Mamma tells me I would come home and speak only about my Bharatanatyam class. Apparently I also started sleep talking meanwhile. Saying all my Bharatanatyam hasta shlokas in my sleep.  My parents even gave it a thought whether if it was the right decision to continue with the classes, because it was clearly beginning to possess me. I am glad they decided to let me continue :)

My Guru, Mrs Sapna Naik  was the biggest inspiration for me. Among memories that I have, most of which I remember are of her praising me for my good ‘Aramandi’ and stamina. And some when she praised other kids in the class and I would go home and practice harder to do better the next day. I can never forget that day when I experienced her first onstage performance at the prestigious Mardol festival organized by Kala Academy, I believe I was in the 2nd Standard(I don’t remember exactly) . I still remember sitting there with stars in my eyes. I can clearly picturize that moment even today and it still gives me goosebumps. That was the moment I believe that made Bharatanatyam a part of my life forever!

This is my first blog post. Hopefully I get better at expressing myself and hopefully I keep writing even after the quarantine time :)

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