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  • Neha Dicholkar

Anecdotes from our mythology that Bharatanatyam taught me

Updated: May 12, 2020

As Indian classical dancers, we get to learn more about Hindu mythology from our gurus than from home. This is because Indian classical art forms are based on the mythology and Puranas. Indian dance doesn’t only originate from mythology, but as per beliefs, is a part of mythology itself. The significance of which can be understood by the fact there was an entire Veda dedicated to it, "Natya Veda" the fifth Veda which was created by Lord Brahma and translated into Natyashastra by Bharata Muni.

There is a lot to learn from our mythology, no not about religion. But how it is still relevant, how we can still seek meaning, purpose and value in life from small anecdotes from the mythology. In the next series of blog posts - I will be doing some story telling :) .Some stories that I learnt at my dance class. Some stories you might already know, some new and some newer versions of the same old stories :) Here is a hint on the fist story - it's about a snake! Of course it's about India, it has to be about snakes (the most fascinating topic for all my German friends)

Any guesses? No not nagin dance :D Click on the below link to check out the story

Story 1:The snake around Lord Ganesha's belly

Story 2: The Dwarf of Ignorance

Story 3: Boon To Doom

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